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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2003;7(2):155-160.
Articles : Different Diet Composition During Detraining Periods on Blood Lipids and Fat Accumulation in Rats
any athletes have experienced gaining weight, especially body fat, after retiring their athletic life. We investigated the effect of different diet supplication during detraining periods after short-term aerobic exercise on the blood lipids and body composition in rats. Forty-nine SD rats were trained by application of treadmill run 4 wks. After the traininng periods, they were ingested different diet that Normai diet as the control (No), high carbohydrate (HC), and high fat (HF) with the same calorie (105 Cal) for 7d or 15d of detraining periods. Body weight,stered fat (BF), blood glucose, total cholesterol (TC). HDL-C, LCD-C, triglyceride (TG), and liver glycogen were analyzed with Lo`s methods. BF was significantly lower in the HF at 15d of experiment compared to the other group (P<.05). TG was significantly high in the HF and HDL-C was statistically increased in the No group (p<.05).LDL-C, however, was Not significantly different between groups and trials. These result suggested that the importance of diet composition during detraining periods have to emphasized to the athletes to maintain their physical fitness. Even though HF ingestion has better effect of body fat accumulation, it might causes hyperlipidemia for days. Therefore. more researches are needed for the future.
Key Words: detraining, blood lipids, fat, accumulation, diet pattern


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