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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2004;8(1):65-72.
Articles : Body Composition and Health Related Physical Fitness According to Abdominal Fat Distribution in Adult Women
n adults, obesity and abdominal obesity, especially visceral fat area, were associated with prevalence of metabolic syndrome. The increase of visceral fat area could be arise the depression of physical capacity. This study investigated the comparison of body composition and physical fitness according to abdominal fat distribution in adult women. Subjects were consisted of obese group (N = 19) and non-obese group (N = 21), as BMI equal to or greater than 25 kg/m². Additionally, subjects were divided into groups according to waist circumference (WC) and ratio of visceral fat area to subcutaneous fat area (VSR), respectively. Body composition and physical fitness were measured by body weight, %fat, WC, WHR, grip strength, back muscular strength, sit up, sit & reach, and physical efficiency index (PEI) of Hravard step test. Abdominal subcutaneous fat area, visceral fat area, and VSR were measured by abdominal CT. Body weight, BMI, and WC of obese group were significantly higher than non-obese group, and abdominal obesity and visceral fat type were significantly higher than femoral-thigh obesity and subcutaneous fat type, respectively. Some subjects of non-obese group as BMI showed the increase of visceral fat area and category of abdominal obesity type. In these results, multiple analysis of obesity as BMI, WC, and VSR could be suggest a critical sign for the analysis of negative body fat distribution. Significant depression of physical fitness could not find as group division according to BMI, WC, and VSR. Although PEI of Harvard step test could not suggest a significant difference, subjects of visceral obesity showed the decrease of PEI. But we could not find the critical point in negative effect of visceral fat accumulation on physical fitness.
Key Words: obesity, abdominal obesity, VSR, physical fitness, WC, BMI


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