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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2004;8(2):147-154.
Articles : Eating Behaviors, Perception of Body Image and Nutrient Intakes of Adolescent Female Athletes
The purpose of this study was to investigate the eating behaviors, self-perception of body images and the nutrient intakes of adolescent female athletes. The subjects were 45 female athletes (track and field: n = 20, volley-ball player: n = 15, swimming: n = 20) and control group (n = 20). The study was conducted by means of a self-administered questionnaire. Nutrient intakes based on using 3-day food records (2 weekdays. 1 weekend) were analyzed by CAN-program. Statistical analysis was conducted using the SPSS (10.0) program. Most of the female athletes had dietary problems such as eating unbalanced meals, skipping meals, and preferences for processed foods. More than 60% of the female athletes skipped breakfast. As for perception of their body images, track and field athletes in particular, controlled their weights significantly better than the other athletes (p<0.05). The nutrient intakes of the female athletes, with the exception of Vitamin B6, niacin and phosphorus were lower than the Korean Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA). In particular. the calcium and iron intakes of the female athletes were under 50% of the Korean RDA. Therefore, proper nutritional education and supplementation are required for female athletes to encourage desirable eating habits, as well as to improve their nutritional status and exercise performances.
Key Words: female athletes, dietary behavior, body image, nutritional intake


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