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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2005;9(1):111-118.
Articles : Changes of Blood Metabolites, Hormones and Cytokines Levels after Treadmill Running Exercise and Energy Restriction for 6 Weeks in Obese Rats
This study examined effects of exercise and energy restriction on changes of blood levels of hormones and cytokines in obese rats. Subjects were consisted of 2 weeks-aged male Sprague-Dawley rats (N = 96), and were divided into 6 groups as control, obese, and 4 intervention groups (Diet alone, Exercise alone, Diet plus exercise type A, and Diet plus exercise type B). Serum concentrations of glucose, FFA, insulin, growth hormone, cortisol, and leptin, plasma TNF-α, and IL-6 levels were measured at pre and post-treatment of 6 weeks. After 6 weeks of treatment, all groups resulted in a significant (F = 18.624, p<.001) reduction of serum glucose levels, compared with pre-treatment. Serum FFA levels were significantly (F = 53.823, p<.001) decreased in all groups after treatment, but the result of post hoc demonstrated the significant differences after treatment in exercise group (F = 37.533, p<.001) and combine B group (F = 17.316, p<.05), respectively. In compared with pre-treatment measurements, serum insulin level was significantly decreased after 6 weeks of treatment in exercise group (F = 77.725, p<.01) and combine B group (F = 165.787, p<.001), respectively. Serum cortisol level was significantly increased in obese group (F = 28.840, p<.05) and exercise group (F = 8.110, p<.05) after 6 weeks of treatment as compared with pre-treatment measurements, although the other groups showed a decreasing tendency between pre-treatment and post-treatment. Plasma IL-6 level was significantly (F = 25.838, p<.001) increased in all groups after 6 weeks of treatment as compared with pre-treatment level, but there were no differences among groups at post-treatment. In summary, responses of serum insulin and FFA levels in weight loss intervention implied that insulin sensitivity for lipolytic activation was improved by a sufficient amount of exercise. Plasma IL-6 and TNF-α levels in all intervention groups showed a similar responses after intervention of 6 weeks, so it could not confirm a significant difference of cytokines related to immune function among different intervention. Further research is needed in the analysis of muscle and liver tissues before meaningful mechanism can be drawn.
Key Words: obesity, diet plus exercise, insulin, IL-6, TNF-α


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