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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2008;12(1):7-14.
The Change of Bone Mineral Content and Food Efficiency by Prolonged Swimming Exercise in Rats
This study was designed to clarify the change of bone mineral content (BMC) and food efficiency by prolonged swimming exercise in rats. Fourteen male Wister-Kyoto (WKY) rats at the age of 5-weeks old were randomly divided into two groups: control group (C group; n = 7) and swimming exercise group (S group; n = 7). All rats were allowed free access to food (AIN-93G, Ca content: 1.2495%) and tap water. After two weeks of adaptational period, the S group exercised in the pool with 60min/day, 5day/week for 12 weeks. Total body (t)-BMD and t-BMC were measured three times at initial, middle and end of the experimental period by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (Lunar DPXL, USA). At the end of experimental period, rats were sacrificed and femur bones were removed for measure of femoral (f)-BMD and f-Ca content. f-weight, f-BMD, f-BMC and f-Ca content of S group were approximately 4.0% (p < .01) , 5.3% (p < .01), 12.3% (p < .001) and 5.7% (p < .001), respectively, higher than those of C group at the end of exercise period. t-BMD and t-BMC of S group were also approximately 1.8% (p < .05) and 16.1% (p < .05), respectively, higher than those of C group at the end of exercise period while body weight gain of S group were approximately 28.3% (p < .05) lower than that of C group during 6 weeks from 13 weeks to 19 weeks old. Ca efficiency to t-BMC and t-BMC gain of S group were approximately 26.3% (p < .01) and 43.8% (p < .05), respectively, higher than those of C group during 6 weeks from 7 weeks to 13 weeks old. These results suggest that swimming exercise might improve Ca efficiency to bone gain results in increase of BMD and BMC, and the swimming exercise in a growth period has more beneficial effects on improvement of bone mass with inhibition of gain in body weight.
Key Words: Swimming exercise, food efficiency, BMD, BMC, Rat


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