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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2008;12(1):53-58.
The Effects of Phellinus Linteus Extract Drink Supplementation on Metabolic Parameters of Skeletal Muscle and Blood in Rats
The effects of phellinus linteus (PL) extract drink supplementation on metabolic parameters of skeletal muscle and blood in rats were studied. Thirty-three male rats at the age of 6 weeks were randomly divided into 4 groups: TS (tapwater drink sedentary group n = 8), TE (tapwater drink exercise group n = 8), PS (phellinus linteus drink sedentary group n = 8) and PE (phellinus linteus drink exercise group n = 9). PS and PE groups were given PL extract drink instead of water for 4 weeks. The rats of exercise groups were involved in swimming for 60 min · day?1, 5 days · week-1 for 4 weeks. Serum glucose level was significantly higher in the PS and PE groups than that of TS group (p < 0.01), and serum insulin level was not different among all groups. Serum leptin level was significantly lower in the TE group than that of TS group (p < 0.05). However, there was not significantly different between the PS and PE groups. In addition, serum ammonia and triglyceride level was significantly lower in the PS than that of TS group (p < 0.05), and muscle mitochondrial citrate synthase activities was not significantly different but was higher in both exercise groups compared to its sedentary groups, respectively. From these results, PL extract drink for 4 weeks have a crucial role in anti-fatigue effect in rats.
Key Words: phellinus Linteus extract drink, metabolic parameters, skeletal muscle, citrate synthase activity


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