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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2011;15(1):20-27.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5717/jenb.2011.15.1.20   
Orignal Paper : Effects of high concentration oxygen intake on muscle damage and oxidative stress after exhaustive exercise
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of various levels of oxygen (O2) intake on biological muscle damage and oxidative stress after exhaustive maximal exercise. Ten male participants underwent exhaustive exercise by treadmill running three times, and various levels of O2 intake were administered to subjects using the counter balance method at 1-week intervals. O2 intake patterns were divided into three patterns based on the concentration of O2: 21% O2 (air) group, 30% O2 group, and 90% O2 group. Blood samples were collected before as well as 0, 30, and 90 minutes after exercising. From the blood, muscle damage indices (creatine phosphokinase; CPK, lactate dehydrogenase; LDH) and oxidative stresses indices (malondialdehyde; MDA, superoxide dismutase; SOD) were analyzed. Based on the results, although the index of CPK and LDH, showed no significant differences in interaction effect according to the concentration of O2 (p > .05), LDH showed a larger reduction rate in the 30% and 90% groups than in the 21% group (p < .001). The MDA index of the 30% and 90% groups was significantly lower than that of the 21% group after 30 and 90 minutes of exercise (p < .001). The SOD index showed a significant difference in interaction effect; SOD of the 90% group was lower compared to the 21% and 30% groups 30 minutes after exercise (p > .05). These results suggest that although intake of high density O2 after exhaustive exercise does not affect muscle damage, it might reduce oxidative stress.
Key Words: Oxidative Stresses, Muscle Damage, Oxygen Concentration, Oxygen intake


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