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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2004;8(1):17-22.
Articles : Influence of Exercise Participation on Changes of Body Composition, Physical Fitness and Breast Milk Composition in Milk Feeding Women
To investigate changes of body composition, physical fitness levels, and breast milk constituents after participation to an exercise program in breast feeding women, 10 postpartum women of 6-10 weeks past of delivery with natural birth were recruited. They were randomly divided into two groups; exercise group (EG; n = 10, 29±1 yrs, 160±3 cm, 63±5 kg, 27±4% body fat CG; n = 6, 30±2 yrs, 160±2 cm, 59±2 kg, 26±5% body fat). EG participated an exercise program consisted of flexibility, strength training, and aerobic exercises lasted for 12 weeks (3 days/week). Before participating and 6th and 12th weeks of the exercise program their body composition and a physical fitness level were measured. And 4th and 8th weeks of the program, their breast milk was obtained. These variables were measured at the same time frame for the CG. The body mass index and body fat content were reduced (p<.01), but the cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility were increased (p<.001) for EG compared to CG after the 12 weeks of exercise program. No differences were found for protein, lipids, and electrolytes as well as immunoglobulin-A in the breast milk for both groups between before and after the program. Although the body composition and physical fitness level were increased after a participation of exercise program, no changes could be noticed in the composition of breast milk. An exercise program could be recommended for postpartum women.
Key Words: body mass index, body fat contents, cardiorespiratory endurance, IgA


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