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Journal of Exercise Nutrition & Biochemistry 2004;8(1):23-28.
Articles : Effect of Iron Supplementation on Blood Lactate, Maximal Oxygen Consumption, and Oxy-hemoglobin Saturation
This study is research about the impact that the iron intake influences on a blood lactate, maximal oxygen consumption and oxy-hemoglobin saturation. For the survey of this study, 12 healthy males were selected at random among the university students do not exercise regularly. Selected students were again divided into a placebo group (control group) and iron intake group(experimental group). Control group (n = 6 persons) (mean±SD, age; 19.22±0.85 yrs, percent fat; 17.23±.27%, VO₂max; 35.08±2.72 ml/kg/min) and experimental group(n = persons) (age; 19.32±0.45 yrs, percent fat; 18.73±.73%, VO₂max; 35.72±3.32 ml/kg/min) were participated in this study. All subjects completed 3-min stage graded maximal treadmill exercise with Bruce protocol. During this test, cardio-respiratory function (exercise time, O₂max, heart rate) and blood lactate and oxy-hemoglobin saturation were analyzed with auto gas analyzer, lactate analyzer, and Pulsox-3, SP-3C respectively. The iron content intake was the 4 weeks. An alpha level of .05 was used as the criteria for significance. The following results were observed. This research did not have difference statistically at a control group and experimental group. The experimental group appeared the blood lactate concentration, oxyhemoglobin saturation than the placebo group so that it was high. But, The Maximal oxygen consumption did not have difference between control group and experimental group. This was high especially in an oxy-hemoglobin saturation an exercise 8 minutes and 2 minutes after the exercise. In summary, the iron intake of the 4 weeks decreases the fatigue to the conclusion with the blood lactate and increases oxy-hemoglobin saturation.
Key Words: iron, lactate, maximal oxygen consumption, oxy-hemoglobin saturation


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